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Tourism is important. Its not their fault the NJDOT can’t get Official Derrick Lewis My Balls Was Hot Sweater their act together. If you enjoy a beach here and don’t own a home- you have your PA friends, mostly to thank. Coming from off shore and coming from PA aren’t different- except they are property owners. The parkway exits & the AC expressway have tolls. Without tourist most businesses along the south Jersey shore would close. The rent tourist pay is usually high covering the property owners taxes and then some!.

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Keep your money we dont want it it’s pathetic that we all have to sit in traffic every friday trying to get home because you all somehow leave at the same time and literally from lunchtime on the roads are covered in pa tags dragging bikes and whatever else has wheels on it and driving like assholes then leaving trash all along the shoreline and then all leaving sunday at the same time clogging every road headed back to pa keep ur ignorance and ur money in pa thanks but no thanks 95% of jersey residents agree im sure. Why would you tax PA residents? We bring in a majority of the Official Derrick Lewis My Balls Was Hot Sweater revenue while we are using “your” beach. Last time I checked, this was America and that beach is no more yours than mine. 

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