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Official EHT Black Hole 2019 Ladies Tee

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Official EHT Black Hole 2019 Shirt! If we think in our hearts that all suffering, loneliness, coldness, calamities, tears … are negative things, it will be negative.
But actually, for human beings, they are all useful places. It can make life rise, but if you don’t forget it, it will become a burden. Many times, what makes people tired is not something as tall as a mountain but just a grain of sand in a shoe. Let go of the burden on the back, remove the sand grains in the shoes, we can run fast and comfortable.

Human life is like a road, as long as today continues, as long as there is hope tomorrow, we will still have a chance forever. Official EHT Black Hole 2019 Shirt! Don’t be afraid of the long haul, don’t be resentful on the road with no beautiful scenery, just don’t stop, all the “bobbing” under your feet are the lining for us to reach the finish line. It is all because our mind is willing or not!

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