Official Hocus Pocus regulators mount up shirt

Whether it’s your Hocus Pocus regulators mount up shirt . Voters should read manifestos and judge on politicians voting record in Parliament rather than just on personality. Johnson may be able to put on the loveable rogue act, but he has recommended tax breaks for the rich, while many in the country are struggling and is now trying to stiffle ooposition voices to a policy, which he knows will damage businesses and farmers who export to the EU. Virginia Pollard this is the heart of it! He is pro democracy!! He puts people first..remember? The referendum means politicians MUST carry out’s a moral responsibility which Boris takes seriously. We do NOT say I no Cornyn won the election but many oppose him and he is not good for business. We simply trust democracy with all its imperfections! I’m so hopeful big tax breaks up ahead for businesses because they employ, they pay wages which support families, they must compete with EU and China. The state nearly always fails, it produces nothing but division and entitlement!!

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