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We’ve talked about illustration Know your limits shirt . I’d expect the average citizen to know as much about the complexities of Brexit (and voting on leaving the EU) as I would about performing brain surgery. No thanks, leave it to the experts. Public representatives must have their say & stifling them via a loophole of 5 week prorogue is about as undemocratic as it gets. If you’d been paying attention, you’d have seen that I was referring this to the British People and offering a prediction about how they will deal with all the MPs who have treated them with contempt. I never made claim that I, personally, would decide anything. Are the Leave voters the British people? Do you mean a bunch of chav and many pensioner who never done anything for the UK, never paid high taxes, worked with almost zero production, enjoyed low mortgages and 40-50 years of wealth thanks for the EU?

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