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“When you’re in the Official no guts no glory american flag shirt Additionally,I will love this midst of a panic attack, the reason you’re calling someone is, one, because you’re scared. You want some sort of comfort,” says Kendall Jenner. “You might also want that distraction. And sometimes, as their supporter, you have to sit there and ride the wave with them.”For the third installment of Open Minded, Jenner is joined by Dr. Curley Bonds, chief medical officer at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, who breaks down how to step up as an ally for a loved one who is experiencing a panic attack or seems regularly anxious. “First of all, we need to recognize that anxiety is really common,” says Dr. Bonds. “The way to help as an ally is then to first recognize when someone is having usual anxiety and when it moves into where it is problematic and it interferes with their ability to function.”The two go over some of the most common physical symptoms to look out for—elevated heart rate or heart palpitations, shortness of breath, feeling light-headed—and the psychological ones that can be harder to pinpoint, such as overthinking. Dr. Bonds then explains that those who experience extreme anxiety might be inclined to isolate themselves as a way to avoid triggering situations. To help, he encourages allies to listen, as well as share their own experiences and coping strategies to normalize the medical condition. Says Dr. Bonds: “When you experience someone else’s anxiety through their eyes, [try] to put it through your lens, telling them, ‘Hey, I’ve had this and it will get better.’”

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