Official Take Bell Duck Shirt

Official Take Bell Duck Shirt! Sun craves like that, Sun craves the feeling of being released in that world of light … 7 years old, Sun’s father left home. 9 years old, Sunny’s mother hanged herself. 10 years old, his grandfather lost an accident. At age 12, my grandmother, after 2 years of gloating because of missing her husband, took care of my grandchildren and followed him. Nang sisters led each other to live with sick, poor, or nagging aunts at the end of the village.

But 1 year later, Aunt Sunny followed grandpa and grandma. Turn away and turn around, but only Sunny. And you. 2 orphan children rely on each other.
The sun sent me to her uncle and aunt, to the city with the only thought in my mind to make money to support me, so that she would not suffer like me. “At least 9 years old, he has a future.” Official Take Bell Duck Shirt! People ask the Sun, so what is the future of the sun? He pondered, then copy his mouth: “The future of the sun is rainy, but the rain is always sad”. That year, the sun turned 16 years old.

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