Official The Drowned Man Shirt

Official The Drowned Man Shirt A meal with district officials inaugurated a rural road from Xeo Me to Phuoc Hau. Hearing that they were going to go through the house (one piece for the TV station to film), the Russians took the broom to sweep the leaves. Seeing the shadow of acquaintances, Russia called softly, bro. Without calling the name immediately, but someone stopped, the Russian child gritted his teeth and laughed:

“Oh my God, I waited for you to come to town to be an official. The higher you go, the more you fall, the more precious you are. enduring, bitterly swallowing, stubborn, Official The Drowned Man Shirt speechless is about to wait for him to go up there to destroy him, but wait for too long … Now what kind of job does he do in the district, and what he does? also because of me, so he planned how I could not get angry, I asked for it back.

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