Official Turtle Not In Service Shirt

Official Turtle Not In Service Shirt! This year, Thai Thuong Khanh Ly Ngu Cu recommended, the main test is “The peak of the rich object” (Casting the top of the statue), indeed, everything that needs to be written is in the other book, so Ngai Dinh Hanh extremely convenient writing, the pen is a success. Li Yu loved his test, so he decided to give him the status quo, the words the rural scholar said was initially fulfilled.

81 years later, in the middle of the Song Dynasty in the 5th year of Tuong Phu (1012) the examination of the court (the last exam at the palace chaired by the king), also examined the subject, Official Turtle Not In Service Shirt! Tu Thich of Au Ninh (now (Kien Au district Fujian province) because he memorized the tenth volume “Ta Truyen”, the essay was so excellent that he passed the poem, the words of the rural scholar said to be fulfilled again.

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