Once A Firefighter Always A Firefighter Shirt

 Once A Firefighter Always A Firefighter Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The once a firefighter always a firefighter shirt! The Oyster Bay Fire Department is Roy E. Gier’s second home. Formerly a member of the department’s Teddy’s Boys Drilling Team, he competed with other fire departments and the team won year after year. For Gier, it was all about honoring his beloved OBFD, where he was a part of the brotherhood that family and friends say he treasures. His firefighters said he would do anything for the department and community and once a firefighter always a firefighter shirt!


The former leader died on August 30, at the age of 55, of a heart failure after being ill for several months. When the purple bunted tail was glued to the firehouse, his lifelong friend Doug Flynn, also a member of the OBFD, stopped and once a firefighter always a firefighter shirt! He still couldn’t believe that Roy was gone, he said. Flynn then apologized, saying he was in a fog. Gier, born and raised in Oyster Bay, belonged to three fire departments throughout his life, North Bellmore, Syosset and Oyster Bay, which he served in the early 1990s. Forest in Suffolk County, who was the first respondent to the Avianca plane crash in Cove Neck, where he helped save 158 passengers, and also helped his struggling community after the massive storm, called the 100-year storm.

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