Original Panama Jack retro shirt

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In this sense, The Original Panama Jack retro shirt Social Dilemma presents an over-sensationalized generalization of social media’s negative impact when its relationship with mental health is actually more nuanced. In an increasingly digitized world, and particularly now as we are social distancing, social media has become a vital lifeline to stay connected,  and its use will likely increase in the future. “Remember you are in control of how you use social media, how long you spend [on it], and what you consume and engage with,” says Craddock. Increasing our media literacy, raising awareness of how we use social media and how it operates, and curating our feeds around positive content are all strategies we can use to protect our mental well-being. “If you’re conscious that each of us is accessing a version of social media that has been curated to drive us to take particular actions, you can upset these algorithms by actively seeking alternative sources of news, following people and brands you wouldn’t usually,” explains Goldstaub. “You have a lot more power over the algorithms than you think—don’t let your bubble define you.”

Original Panama Jack retro shirt

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