The Owl Fluff You You Fluffin’ Fluff Shirt

TBCThe Rabbit in the moon There’s a Japanese fable, about the man in the moon, who glances every night at the marvel’s of the creatures in the woods, a monkey, a fox and a rabbit. He ponders to himself, which would be the kindest, which would be the most generous. The story can be read here; This lovely image, is presented on 250 GSM Bristol paper.

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So The Owl Fluff You You Fluffin’ Fluff Shirt was Ironic to watch his first movie with him, and have these talking rabbits trying to murder a human using his food allergy against him. Liz and I just gave each other a glance of Wow during this scene. The rabbits end up getting a berry in his mouth and he goes into anaphylactic shock, the rabbits are excited that they killed him, and run away, the human is able to use his epipen and inject himself to save his life. While Logan is only 2 and a half now, he doesn’t understand his food allergies.

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