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To be the bin ladens personal bodyguards yet againgo usa i could be wrong and i Painhub Hoodie hope i. Am but didnt saudi arabia help fund the attacks so the american taxpayers are funding. Protection for the oil industry in a wealthy country with its own defence which was behind. Well that seems right im a true trump supporter but this is not where we need to. Be im not willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters to protect any regime in.Of transit we need a comprehensive transit system maglev is our future if after purchasing all of these fancy weaponry.

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From the us and the suadis cannot defend their territory and again have to ship in us soldiers then. What the use of spending all that money so let me understand this saudi arabia have killed. Hundreds of children in yemen and trump hasnt said anything then the saudi oil facilities were attacked by two drones. And all of the sudden usa is sending troops to defend the saudis so the us armed forces are going. The middle east they will turn on you and stab you right in the back we dont need their oil. Let them fight there own war oh look trump is holding a campaign rally in iran what. Better way to get re elected than to be a war time president tell me who didnt see this. Coming and ill show you a blind man Painhub Hoodie anyone else waiting for the day when usa attacks saudi arabia. Its just so clear so america first was and is just another lie no im not surprised eric will get.

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