Pennywise lane crosswalk shirt 

Mexican-style tacos are represented in the crust of a cornstarch rice paper, chili is served with bread and sauce. Chili is present in most Mexican dishes, on average each local person consumes about 8 kg of chili per year. The most common are green and red chili sauce. Green chutney is made from green peppers and green tomatoes, it has a spicy and intense taste. Red chili sauce uses red tomatoes and red peppers, and it tastes better. In addition, there are sweet chili sauce, bitter chili sauce, sour chutney … And Tacos cake is served with red chili sauce. Tacos also have attractive colors. It is the bright yellow of the crust, the light brown color of the meat and the green of the accompanying vegetables and the red of chili sauce. All make up a symphony of colors and flavors.


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