The people of Gilead welcome you shirt

It’s most definitely rude and happened to me. I was talking to a coworker (“Anne”) about a project we were working on when a third coworker (“Betty”) came over to chat about it as well. As we were wrapping up the shop talk “Anne” asked “Betty” if she wanted to grab a drink after work. She paused, then looked at me and said “You can come too if you want”. I laughed and said “Please, I don’t need pity invitations to drinks, have fun!”She looked embarrassed and I can’t say I’m sorry I shamed her. It was incredibly rude and patronizing. I knew they were good friends and spent time together outside of work. I really didn’t care that I wasn’t part of their group. But honestly it’s not nice to be intentionally excluded TO YOUR FACE. She deserved to be called out. I didn’t hold it against her after that interaction as I’m pretty sure she learned her lesson.

The people of Gilead welcome you shirt

Life is too short to not be Irish shirt

Life happens ballet helps vintage shirt

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8 long hours in an er , I still till this wonder how the nurses son who suffered adderal addiction is doing it was all I heard from the nurses desk . Or if the nurses that came in one the next shift ever became a romantic couple. As I waited for the results from the dr they were giving each other massages. Asked them if they minded me photographing them “ at work “ I also took a photo of my arm that they drew blood from ( how many times can you restick) I believe the practice nurses answer is YOU DONT.

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