Pig If I’m Moody Give Me Foody Shirt

Pig If I’m Moody Give Me Foody Shirt I know many girls in the school like that indifferent look of Nguyen, but they don’t dare to get close because of that scary, unnatural appearance. My name is Han Thuy and I look like Nguyen, to a certain extent, maybe the appearance is so cold that no one wants to get close. We were like two strangers lost in our own class,

I couldn’t play with anyone and no one wanted to come near me, nor did Nguyen. Sometimes our eyes met in the middle of the classroom, I immediately made an inherent faint smile and turned away. Pig If I’m Moody Give Me Foody Shirt Nguyen and I talked for the first time on a sunny day at the end of 11th, that day was the day my parents officially went to divorce after more than 10 years of an unhappy marriage.

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