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From your last name I can tell you’re Nigerian. Edo State Pink Be Badass Everyday Hoodie precisely. Black Americans are in fact victims. You do not share the same history. Yes, you’re black, but they’ve had to endure hundreds of years of slavery and still endure systematic discriminatory racism. Do not undermine their pain. Joey Meleske Nzemeke I said “black people don’t have to play victim all the time” every little encounter between a white man and a black man is tagged as racist profiling. This doesn’t appear as one to be. Call your building super at most if you’re concerned.

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Black people should stop playing the victim all the time. That’s where he lives, the right to ask questions regardless of the color of your skin. The right thing to do would be to explain himself and the gentleman will go his way. I think the father of the boy was not prejudiced or being a racist in that video, he was thinking about the safety of the building where he and his son lives. Besides, the non- resident guy would not identify himself and didn’t give the name of the resident of the bldg he is visiting. The father has a reason to check on that guy, he has a right to because he’s one of the dwellers in that bldg and the software engineer was a total stranger. I will do Pink Be Badass Everyday Hoodie the same thing for security reason, of course for my safety and everybody who lives in that building.

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