Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Shirt

Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Shirt! Back to the hospital room, seeing a bag of Yomost milk on the table, An naturally smiled. Quan still hasn’t forgotten what An likes! A liked this stone chair, under a tree canopy and near a lake full of carp. “Hello, An.” “Hello, doctor.” “Call me a doctor again.” Bao squinted. “Ah, Bao … I forgot.”

“You will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Did you take me home too?” “Yes, the atmosphere in the countryside is probably better for my mother to recover.” “An …” Pink Floyd Guitar Signature Shirt! Bao hesitated, seem confused. “Tomorrow I leave.” “Have a nice day at Bao Bao.” “No, I mean … I can …” The phone rang and Bao said. “Excuse me, Bao …”

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