Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate Sweater

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What a kind family you all are. He ran away from something bad and he Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate Sweater knew your family was good. Thank you for caring and loving. We need more people like you. I miss having a house. I would have dogs again. I just have one spoiled cat. What a wonderful couple! Very special people and definitely the world needs more of their kind. Thank you so much for what you have done for these beautiful animals. This is lovely to see, so thankful that Joe Sullivan cared enough to help and was able to take these two very lucky dogs in and brought their true characters out. Thank you Mr Sullivan! Thanks to you and your family, Betsy has a loving home. Just so glad people like you are in this world. Too many people out there who would have just left her. They said “you can tell she’s been a momma before”.

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I thought in the beginning of the video her underside looked like she had been a momma very recently as it looked like she had nursed. I wonder if she had a sad back story with that. She found them because ut’s their dog, she chose them. We once had a stray cat and our family was the only one who were allowed to touch her because she was so wild and that strong little lady gave birth to her kittens in our kitchen. Animals know whom they can trust. A wonderful story and thank you and your family so much. What a cute family. I wish this was me. Lots of land and a pack of loving fur babies. Thanks for caring. What a lovely couple, considering some of the horrible cruelty dished out by mouth breathing scum it restores my faith in humanity. Wish there were more kind people like you are and I’m glad Betsy now has a loving, caring, happy home. What wonderful humans with Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate Sweater big hearts. The world needs more people like them. Thanks for caring so much for Betsy. She’s landed in the best home. You’re good people. God bless you.

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