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That was bad for them. I think an elephant is too slow to Only elephants should wear ivory shirt catch, say, an antelope or an antelope. Gazelles can run as fast as hell, reaching high speeds. Similarly, an oryx can run at speeds up to 40 mph. That helps them get rid of predators. An elephant? It can run at up to 25 mph if it actually shoots for it. That is still too slow. They will be fast enough to swallow their prey enough to power their 16,000 lb body. Just have enough prey in their environment.

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An elephant can also stalk a gazelle. A gazelle feels very sharp, because predators are very dangerous to it. How can a 13 ft tall elephant evade and grab a antelope? It’s not fast and agile enough to ambush its prey, and it’s too big to hide even on tall grass. By the Only elephants should wear ivory shirt time an elephant appears to prey on it, an antelope will disappear long ago. Unable to catch its prey, a carnivorous elephant will become bony and malnourished and then starve to death. Luckily for the elephants, they eat grass.

Only elephants should wear ivory tank top
tank top
Only elephants should wear ivory long sleeve
long sleeve

Therefore, they can feed on the Only elephants should wear ivory shirt abundant grasses, herbs and fruits that exist in their habitats. They have too many vegetation in the environment to support their large bodies. Trees and grass also don’t run, so it would be easy to feed an elephant for hours on a tree. Although they are large and slow, unlike antelope, elephants are very strong and muscular, and they are built like butcher vans, complete with 2 inches of thick leather and 5 ft of ivory. They usually do not need to run away from lions. They can repel predators like lions and hyenas and even trample them relatively easily, especially as elephants mature.

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Only elephants should wear ivory sweater
Only elephants should wear ivory hoodie

The Only elephants should wear ivory shirt fact that an elephant is a herbivore is a major reason why it is so massive and muscular. They have plenty of food to support that huge weight. So an elephant is perfectly fine as a giant herbivore. Making an animal a predator does not automatically make it stronger or more threatening. In fact, the largest and most powerful terrestrial mammals (elephants, hippos, rhinos) tend to graze and that’s partly because plants are richer than their prey.

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