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In their cars then its a bit hypocritical pulling someone over for using a hands Pole dancing Mermaid Hoodie free phone when youve virtually. Done exactly the same yourself using your hands free police radio whilst i support a ban on actually having. Your phone in your hand whilst driving personally i think whats going on in someones head can be. More distracting than anything else i was in a car crash yrs ago and the other driver admitted that they. Were distracted because they had just lost their business and werent concentrating on the road how do they propose mind. That nearly walk into us both on a pavement is unreal due to their mobile. Use cars have hit the kerbs looking at phone screens when ive been a pedestrian this is. Stupid is listening to a gps considered dangerous too far too much interference of course safety is paramount.

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Control presumably plod will refrain from using their airwaves and other communication devices whilst driving. Then what about operating your car radio or controls on your steering wheel how come we can change heating. Lighting and radiomusic all on steering and cant push a bottom to answer a call radio and. Music even speak with passenger can distract driver mps need to work on brexit more. Than anything else these days same in australia there is a thought its as bad as been on a mobile. Van i Pole dancing Mermaid Hoodie had a crash due to looking at my device since then i understand. The dangers every one uses their mobiles on their laps now i have a dog and honestly the people.

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