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We had a TV show about it about 3 yrs ago in UK. I’m sure its a Pole dancing Mermaid Sweater dumb thing to ask but here goes can you move that thing where you want to like a mobile and or a motor home or is it just a building in the shape of a truck . it may seem like a good idea not having any cement involved or anything to make it water tight, but the moment that the dirt on top gets wet, you’re going to have dirt pouring through endlessly, also if you do this under water like the Euro tunnel, chances are you’ll have half of it full of water from the ocean. this sadly means that it wont pass off as being very safe. it may be durable, but the moment one of the teeth are lost on one of the slots, then it will fall in on itself. Nice concept but what if your trying to make a tunnel under something and your not on level hard ground to begin with. It is not easy, there will be valleys and mountains but one day love will come, just have faith.when it does you will be thankful you kept holding on.

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It was labled  made by ben & sons But, where would you need to build a tunnel that this could be used. Most tunnels go through things that you can’t just drive a truck into to build. Interesting concept though, and could be used to quickly build temporary shelters and the like. Okay well this is kinda like the Keystone process used by Romans. Why did it take us one hundred years to build an arch tunnel out of interlocking stone when we were already doing this in the 1800s without any mortar or adhesive then. Those structures still stand people. Structures that can expand and contract with weather conditions and even ground movement will outlast anything that is meant to be permanently rigid as this structure will not crack or break on heaving. When we were living in Dubai our Harley riding group made a Pole dancing Mermaid Sweater ride to this place out in the Abu Dhabi desert and saw this truck. Yes ben, they had cooler toys.

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