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I had never been successfully pregnant before, and I had no expectations about what the Golden merry woofmas sweatshirt also I will do this experience might be like besides assuming I’d be able to uncomplicatedly breathe air and board planes, before I was confined to the living room, where new mothers seemed to hang out. The day before my first doctor’s appointment, however, the governor of California issued a stay-at-home order. I had been fast-tracked to the living room.

Golden merry woofmas sweatshirt

And then came unimaginable fear and chaos. Unhinged White House briefings that deferred to a tiny presidential ego over science; photos of overcrowded hospitals; heat maps clocking the Golden merry woofmas sweatshirt also I will do this virus’s rapid spread. I threw up every day for two months, in the throes of first trimester nausea, trying to make sense of a world and body that bore little resemblance to the ones I’d known before. My second trimester arrived, and the first week that I could feel the baby kicking, I watched George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s families mourn their murdered children. Someone said all mothers were summoned when George Floyd cried out for his, and I wondered, as I left voicemails for officials in Minneapolis, if that now included me. Already, the white child I hadn’t yet met, felt far more protected than Floyd had been.

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