Quilting In My Veins Jesus In My Heart Shirt

Quilting In My Veins Jesus In My Heart Shirt Quang liked it … but Quang’s love was never reciprocated, because he never said it, and he never knew it — something so far away that certainly dreamed he would never think of. When choosing a love that only comes from one side for me is the most painful and also the stupidest love … Quang buried that love during the 2 years of college that he and he studied together, though face to face, people close to each other but the heart keeps moving away…

He was so stupid, forever burying his feelings in a place deep inside his heart without ever saying … Quang could only stand still, watch, and care about it in a certain corner of the sky, seemingly far away … Quilting In My Veins Jesus In My Heart Shirt where Quang does not belong to its world, but he still patiently waited despite every pain, even though it did not care about Quang’s love, Quang still had a heart with deep, far love. This sticky rice
Until one day ….

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