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When did Poki get good enough to compete with the likes of Ninja and Myth if I may ask? (No, I’m not hating, I just don’t think she’s that good YET). True, I know her she’s cool, but like skill-wise hmmmm maybe needs more work. Its cause she a pro gamer that’s all they were looking for and since people watch her on fortnite shes in but yeah I agree she needs work on fortnite. Desiigner? I never heard of him, but I thought it’s ’cause I don’t watch Fortnite streamers. Brent Williams well I thought it was obvious its pro gamers paired with famous ppl…yet u just compared a pro to a rapper. Doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t nearly good enough to carry someone and beat these other players….goodluck to her though. You dont have to be a good to compete you just gotta stream who cares if she is not good its for fun.  She is probly going down on that D to get put in this I mean I was wondering how she got on the Red bull poll for best fortnite streamer SMH. She’s got so much teen fans that she doesn’t even need to go down on the D  😀 I tried watching one of her streams and quitted a minute later because of her chat. She doesn’t have to be “good” it’s a charity event.Fortnite Scar Shirt

50 well known fortnite players are teaming up with 50 well known Celebs in a tournament.  I bought my A50s 2 weeks ago after buying 5 headsets in 1.5 month. Other than a couple minor annoyances, the A50 is hands down the best headset I’ve ever used. I mean they legit take a regular blue screen photo and shop in relevant game photos all the time. Literally every company does this. Should they just always have a photo on hand of each person playing every game? Marky and Pokimane should get together and do commentary on the event. Because frankly, neither of them are good enough to compete in it. But they have good personalities Also Desiigner? Lmao. Everyone imagine Markipliers reaction to somehow clutching the win against TSM Myth and Ninja by sheer yelling and panic shooting. Yes. I play video games with one hand.
I put together a couple clips to show everyone how i play, hope you enjoy.
My ps4 gamertag is
x1HANDED_BILLS. Why does everyone think ninja is the absotluye best? He’s not that awesome and I will bet most of you just watch and see his videos where he only wins. If that’s the case, IamWildcat and Myth could be considered the same…. Yeah, Ninja can get really focused and intense in some ways, but he is not the best. Exactly.

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