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Biden was instrumental in making schools “gun free zones” and California has the strictest gun policies in the Jack skellington and sally Ugly Christmas shirt? This is a heart issue and results when God is taken out of everything. It will take years to turn around this generation where there is a lack of respect for life. It must start with parenting. It must be supported in our child’s education. We need to raise children who respect, their elders, parents, teachers, police, military, the Gardner, Garbage Collector, etc, etc, etc. Kids who learn personal responsibility, commitment, honor, a humble heart. Kids who learn, life isn’t fair, not everyone gets a participation medal. Kids who learn to cope with adversity, and learn to embrace success. It’s not that difficult, but, it’s not going to happen overnight.

I grew up in a high school where we drove o school with deer rifles in our gun racks and no one shot anyone else. What happened? We took God out of the American God country corps Semper Fi shirt. We lost our moral guidance. Without that, we have violence. California and Chicago have very strict gun laws, how is that working out for you? It’s the definition of Insanity you keep doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome. Maybe mental health reform would be a better option? Drugs are banned and how many people each day die from a drug overdose? The public schools here in Durham have electronically locked and monitored doors and armed security roaming the halls. No school shootings. When there’s a threat of a school shooting, it is investigated and justice is carried out.

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