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It is time that all dairy farms go bankrupt it is a barbaric practice and needs to die out use your farms for something positive grow vegetables or oats and almonds for oat milk or get a Walk away I am a grumpy old man I was born in October I have anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people shirt. I had to stop consuming all dairy (even though I loved the taste) when I learned the babies are stolen from their mums the day they are born. As a mother myself I couldn’t bear to financially support such a cruel industry.

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Just an interesting perspective here. When my family had a dairy we gave the cow everything she needed to be comfortable. As most people don’t understand a cow does not think like you do. If they have good food, clean water and a cool place to rest they are completely content with their life. This was proven every time we would turn a cow dry. When turned out on pasture the cow would more often than not stand at the gate for a few days and want back in. This is because us humans are giving them just what they want not what you think they want.

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Almost all heifer calves are raised for replacements and almost all bulls are sold to feed for a couple of years. Yes, the most bull will be at the end of those 2 years slaughtered but I and millions like me prefer beef. So God bless the farmer. It’s not easy and I believe everyone should try it for a while before being too judgmental.

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I attended a boarding school run by the government exclusively for American Indians in my formative years and was forced to drink milk. For nearly ten years, I had diarrhea on a daily basis. Milk today is a watered-down version of what made it a “healthy” choice for the majority of people in the USA.

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Feel sorry for farmers, but happy for bovines. Dairy is a brutal industry, especially for calves who happen to be born male. I would love to see farmers get the support necessary to convert to nonlivestock products. More and more people are choosing dairy alternatives because of objections to the way the dairy industry treats its animals. But the sad irony is that it’s the more small scale farmers (who most likely treat their animals better) who are going out of business.

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Aside from beer and water, milk is my favorite drink. I’m kinda glad that it doesn’t contain alcohol or else I might have a problem. I absolutely love it and drink it everyday cook with it and other dairy products as well. I remember helping my great aunt Rena milking the cows and churning butter in rural Texas wouldn’t change that for anything.

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Sad for those dairy farmers. However, times change and right now everything is changing at a very fast pace. It appears that dairy products are very bad for humans. From what I’ve read cows are killing us. Red meat, milk, cheese all full of antibiotics and steroids. Giving us hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, fat, obesity, strokes, and heart attacks. Maybe getting rid of red meat and dairy is not all bad?

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Not sad at all really. it’s a glorious day when slave owners are forced to shut down because more “customers” are realizing that the Shaun of the dead a slice of fried gold shirt that systematically takes place on “dairy” farms (or any animal-based farm really) doesn’t align with their moral values and the “products” are detrimental to human health.

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