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I tend to agree with her. The only ones complaining about her and what is said here are those who are so enraptured with their own linguistic skills and perverted sense of humor that they can’t see the forest for the trees. The more the Democrats attack and divide, the In October we wear pink pumpkin shirt. It shows in the lack of enthusiasm at their rallies and at the weak attendance and it shows in their inability to fundraise. It also shows in the great division created by the multitude of incapable candidates. Each candidate is draining the resources of the party for their own party instead of uniting together for a common cause and they appear to be attempting to outdo one another in the empty promises they spew out in a vain attempt to gain attention.

The wall is still in progress but that’s ok and it’s one of the few primary or secondary promised left (it’s been the most difficult to achieve too). The chance of a secure border dies with any Democrat that gets elected. I miss the days when white folks were afraid to be racist. Nowadays these folks have gotten too big for their britches. One thing hasn’t changed though you will still be made an example of. The Democrat party has changed. It is a radical socialist party But It Was Me Dio shirt will be dangerous for Americans. This is a worrying time in American history, which is close to losing their country more than most people realize. Socialist have had a plan for A long time and they are making their move. We need to stop it before it’s too late!

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