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Nature used to cure harm is an indigenous remedy, knowledge and healing process. Does this mean that mosquitoes feeding on contaminated sites are spreading disease caused by man, therefore, the harm/danger is man dengue fever is caused by man! This is a revelation to me how many others think the 90s Anime Friends shirt? Been suffering from malaria all my life, it is very painful, treatment takes very long, medicines are expensive and most importantly, many people young and old dies every year due to this disease. There’s no good thing about the mosquito. We know how terrible and dangerous this small insect are. Now more inventions when big cooperates and stockholders and players get involved. rather continued saving, preventing and curing lives, satisfying client priority.

We do the same in Singapore; releasing Wolbachia-carrying mosquitoes in hope that they will breed with the Nugs over hugs shirt that does not hatch, thereby reducing the mosquito population over time. I’m not so sure about genetically bred mosquitoes going out and biting people. This will really get out of hand if these mosquitoes mutate and cause potentially disastrous problems. I’m allergic to mosquito bites so forgive me if I don’t share a love for the creatures but I have no wish to walk around like a balloon having swollen up each time a blighter bites me.

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