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Defending the undefendable. The man who cannot differentiate between oranges and origin is a disgrace to his people. The one who calls upon another President to vilify his political opponent is a further disgrace. Not all choices turn out to be good. The Constitution and the people should be good enough to separate the grain from the chaff. Whether people like him or not, based on the two Presidents who were impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) there’s no guarantee that Trump will be convicted, especially with the US Senate being in the hands of Republicans.

Unfortunately, we allowed an infectious disease to become President. While in office, this disease has done nothing but spread like wildfire everything it touches turns black at its core. If we do not act now, the disease will eventually erode the very foundation that this Great Nation was built upon! The disease is very good at tricking our defenses into thinking that it is good and that is trying to make things better. We cannot allow this disease to continue to spread! We see what it is really trying to do! We see the evil, corruption, and hatred that motivates it! We see that it thrives on our weaknesses! We see that it is arrogant and entitled! We see that it feels that it can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, in order to stay in power! We must make a stand and remove the disease from power before it becomes too late for us to recover! We must unite for the sake of this Great Nation!

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