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I am confused as an American and need help understanding something. I thought she was like the PM of Scotland and wasn’t running for election. Does she sit in the UK parliament? Just trying to understand the Dynamics. I am really confused by this woman. She wants to remain and she wants independence. If Scotland were to get the independence they would have to apply, like any other country, to be admitted to the EU and that’s not guaranteed. Think the Scottish electorate should wise up to this woman! Only broken because people like her SNP won’t help it to happen and make the democratic vote to leave happen. She is on about the Westminster been a broke place look closely at her own government and the way she has ignored the Scottish people and went on about independence all the time neglecting NHS local governments looking for help. Look closely at yourself Nicola and see why it’s a broken system.

Just like her only people who what independence if you ask the rest of Scotland most will not what it so please ask her to check with the Scottish. Fishman if they would like to fish under EU rules or have there owned rules on fishing and see what they say. I think at least part of the problem here is that the paint is ordinary, permanent white paint, rather than the fluorescent spray paint some councils use which biodegrades after a week or two so leaving the charity which owns the footpath the job of not only clearing up the poo but then going back and overpainting the white paint with black. I am curious about how this doesn’t breach impartiality requirements. I get that there’s a 7-way debate also happening but this seems to give significantly more airtime to two parties, rather than balancing between all. I may well just not understand the rules properly.

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