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Well, if no one was seriously hurt, I think that college players just earned himself about 3 years in prison. You can’t let this sort of anti-social behavior go unpunished particularly when it’s directed towards law enforcement. Those police officers did not deserve to be assaulted and receive such disrespect. How I killed my football career being waked but cashed in on being a Social Justice Warrior. Welcome to New Jersey. An illegal will receive the same license that I have. I’ve been driving in NJ since 1965. Born and raised. Nice touch, Gov. Murphy. This puts an air of suspicion over the 2020 Elections!! States that issue any type of Government document identification to ILLEGALS should be required to have an alternate vote-counting method as a check!

We have proof already of Democrat districts “finding” boxes of write-in votes in 2016. They will go to any lengths to win this next election! Janet Zigaro It seems that every state that issues drivers’ licenses to illegals also automatically registers licensees to vote and has had a “computer glitch” that also registered illegals. small you hung up at the age of 50 as if that were the problem. I’m afraid this is completely insane no matter how old you are!I just turned 50 and have 3 children. I love my kids, but the man just the thought of having more at my age would give me the big one!

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