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That’s why it called the theory of evolution. In science, a theory is the highest classification something can have. You cant have the law of evolution. A law just says what happens, like gravity pulls objects down or animals evolve. A theory, by scientific definition, is the Snoopy riding motorcycle shirt. It has to be scrutinized by tons and tons of independent peer review long before it becomes a theory. But make no mistake, evolution is no more a question than gravity is. When science tells you gravity pulls things down, you say sure. When science tells you volcanoes happen because of tectonic shift and pressure buildup below ground, you say yup. When science tells you to get a polio vaccine because it will ensure you dont live in an iron lung, you say absolutely. Yet when science tells you animals evolve, you say God? That, my friend, is what actually doesn’t make sense.

Maybe someone has noted this already, but the image above looks photoshopped to me. I have no doubt that the fish is real, but the man doesn’t seem to be holding the fish in a way it would be held if the 2019 Al west division Champions Houston Astros shirt. Additionally, his fingers on his right hand are behind the tail, so what is he holding onto with his right hand? And there’s light on the palm of his right hand. And when you zoom into the picture, the fish is slightly more fuzzy that the rest of the image.

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