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Loaded leg if caster semenya is not allowed to compete for being her Robert Oberst Strong And Pretty Hoodie natural self. Unless she takes artificial drugs to make her testerone levels acceptable should the same rules not. Apply here what i think is terrible is the fact that the paralympics gets a. Fraction or the coverage they should all be held at once or back to back with no drop in. Coverage however i do feel it wouldnt be right to have paralympians face off against able bodied either way. Someone would have an unfair advantage clearly has an advantage with the prosthetics creating an unnatural spring on. Take off they have done when you have jumping board instead of a normal leg then it would be.

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Totally unfair to the other constesters just sayin they have done when a weighted men can. Fly like a light bird over the english channel same as a light bird can too run. Like a high speed engine oscar pistorius did it but of course we dont talk about. That no no no no he basically just did a long jump on two springs. We all understand that he doesnt have legs but hell human legs cant be adjusted like. Those artificial legs cant wait for the sightedvs non sighted karate match i think oscar pieterson put Robert Oberst Strong And Pretty Hoodie the kybosh on. That idea bionics beats non bionics every time more virtue signalling bs hes nearly jumping out. Of the pit bbc is king of fake news and lets stick a jet pack on.

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