Santa Autism Diamond Christmas shirt

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They have a wonderful line of their own products and my gift of choice this season is their delicious Lemon Bath & Body Care set. A true treat! There is also an amazing Tequila called Mijenta that I’ve discovered. It is incredibly delicious and has a lovely story behind it. It’s a small-batch, artisanal, and sustainable tequila company from Jalisco that gives back to the Santa Autism Diamond Christmas shirt community and protects the land through its harvesting and distilling process. And a woman is behind it, Ana Maria Romero This cute little store in my hometown of Bethesda has always, quite literally, been a bright spot in the neighborhood. It’s been around since I was born and has maintained its footing in an ever-changing area. It’s across the street from another staple for my family, the Tastee Diner, so popping into The Blue House on a weekend while waiting for our table was pretty expected. From cute throw blankets and pillows to every holiday need possible, they have you covered. And to help you out during these uncertain times, they even offer Facetime shopping to make sure you secure that perfect gift!

Santa Autism Diamond Christmas shirt

Buy this shirt:  Santa Autism Diamond Christmas shirt

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