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Santa Jason Vorhees I ams nightmare before christmas shirt


We know the t-shirt Santa Jason Vorhees I ams nightmare before christmas shirt . Akshay Veluru so they can become British and make it more difficult for the citizens to get jobs, access to health and housing huh??? It would only get worse. That is a terrible viewpoint to have and frankly very racist & untrue. The point of this is for immigrants and international students to come fill Britain’s labour shortages and work in quantitative fields like STEM where not enough local citizens are studying it. It would not get worse because they are studying in the UK and working in the UK and going through the process legally, all while paying taxes, paying for the NHS, and their housing. They are not freeloading like you think, and they are not stealing jobs from British citizens, they are doing the jobs where there are shortages in. Attitudes like yours have scared students of Britain and steered them towards Canada or Australia.

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