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Several tribes inhabited Jerusalem and the Shark week shirt was Judah known for defying God killing most HIS prophets and ultimately that is their only legacy in the land They see no difference in one state existing since way before the wars, and a state created by occupying one’s homeland and then going on to blatantly pronounce it being a state of their religion.
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Yes and the Shark week shirt lost lots he supports always because he had to cancel work etc during this period as well as himself. He doesn’t need telling to give it to charity because he always gives! I an Porteous The Police apologised to Sir Cliff and settled out of court.

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He already gives a percentage of his money to the Shark week shirt Teardrop Fund and has done for many decades how would you like the Police and BBC to raid your home for a story that was not there. Today it said sorry but continues to fight and even said it will appeal.

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