Skull Metallica Green Bay Packers shirt

That being said, quarterback is the most Skull Metallica Green Bay Packers shirt 
important position not just in football, but in all of team sport. No other position so strongly & consistently impacts a team’s winning (& losing) chances. Lombardi once said that the only imperfection in an otherwise (to him) perfect game was the disproportional importance the quarterback position had on his team & its ability to win games.

The man I would pick for this honor is Skull Metallica Green Bay Packers shirt one largely (& unfairly) forgotten by history, one that even the NFL itself infuriatingly overlooked for the honor of its All Time 100 Team & the 10 quarterbacks on that team just a few days ago, by far the largest gaffe made in an otherwise pretty good run of selections. He will not be forgotten here.

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