Sloth riding a turtle shirt

The kind of certainty that comes but once in a lifetime to be a Dallas Cowboy.Breaking News: Jason Witten will retire from the Sloth riding a turtle shirt and join Monday Night Football on ESPN as an analyst. As for Jason Witten’s career, I don’t believe he is a hall of famer. Yes, the Cowboys should place him in their hall of fame for all of his accomplishments.
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We do good, upright things, because we want to leave a positive legacy in our wake. That is certainly why I tried my best to do during my time with this Sloth riding a turtle shirt that I will leave you with this: There aren’t many decisions that come with absolute certainty. But I can tell you one thing that is certain, putting on the white jersey, that silver helmet with the navy star, seeing your name on the back of the jersey and running onto that field, as a member of America’s Team, it brings a certainty of pride and honor.

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