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Snoopy and Venom shirt

Snoopy and Venom shirt
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Another fake news Use your words instead Snoopy and Venom that lesson will have a greater impact on a child. I’m still goin spank my kids So many people not people thinking to themselves. Lock them in cages like the Snoopy and Venom shirt one adult solution its sure to work sooner or laterIf you have to lay your hands on your child, you have failed as a parent.
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Snoopy and Venom shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

A recommendation is not going to stop parents from raising and disciplining their children as they see fit. And when i have kids they will be spanked and swatNo its not a good thing. I was spanked and swat with a belt as a kid and i turned out fine.

Snoopy and Venom hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

. In New Zealand it has been against the Snoopy and Venom shirt to spank or smack kids for years. I say give em a good spanking if theyre naughtyI’m 25 and if I dare raise my voice at my mom, I will get slapped.

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