Star Wars Baby Yoda heart shirt

The niece raised her as her own not knowing who the biological father was and Star Wars Baby Yoda heart shirt, when my cousin was ready! Just sucks that I had to tell her that her dad wasn’t with us anymore but I got to share some pictures with her. Over two years, she underwent five stem cell transplants, lost all her vitality, became a shell of the woman who had navigated a lifetime of trauma and abuse with humor and compassion. She died on a Saturday. It was cloudy and cold, and I left my 6-month-old daughter a thousand miles away to be at her bedside. My beautiful daughter who has her curls and her mischief, and the same stubborn tenacity. My brilliant daughter who has no memory of a grandmother who would have set the moon in the sky for her. All because some arrogant doctor didn’t believe a middle-aged woman and didn’t want to bill the university’s insurance plan for an x-ray because c’mon, she’s probably just overreacting to some arthritis.

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