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Thank you so much Ellen. From the depths of my heart , for the kindness you Stitch Touch Me And I Will Bite You Sweater share with us all. How sad that in a country where politics are in the news Daily and fighting fighting against each other perhaps less fighting and more helping your people. Thought someone was gonna make America Great Again. Thank the good lord for Ellen. The politicians dropped the ball. Oh yea I live in z Canada and say crapola here. What an amazing mom to set an example to her kids and what amazing humble kids. With the little money have left instead of buy gifts for Christmas for them give to homeless for glove. Ellen is a gift from God. I don’t know why some people hate her. Her sexuality doesn’t define her as the great comedian, advocate, and humanitarian she is. She is loving, caring, giving, and just all-around amazing.

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She will do anything for anyone regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, where they are from, or the financial status. Ellen we don’t deserve your caring and loving personality. If American families bother you, maybe you should move to another country. Does he feel this way when he sees emotional displays by celebrities. Or athletes. Does he feel this way when he sees athletes using their podiums to have millions hear and see their views. Nope. Just military people. Obviously his father was a great man, losing his life in Lebanon to the muslims. That alone would make you think he might have a bit more respect for people in a military the he has never served in, that face the challenge of holding the line against terrorism in the middle east every day. His comments prove he is not even worthy of Stitch Touch Me And I Will Bite You Sweater being a skidmark in the shorts of a real American. Kerr is also patronizing he uses his position to put forth his ideas without fully understanding the entire picture.

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