Support Your Local Farmers Shirt

 Support Your Local Farmers Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The support your local farmers shirt! Heilala Vanilla, based in Bay of Plenty, sells premium vanilla products in honor of the world’s finest vanilla, sourced from Tonga. The group’s promise is to create the best products, with the best results, for vanilla growing communities, through a connected ecosystem that invests in every part of the vanilla process from farm to plate and support your local farmers shirt!


Using a scientific, non-sophisticated process and traditional family-friendly work culture of hardworking local farmers, Heilala Vanilla is innovating and manufacturing outdated vanilla. Their transparent supply chain, clean label ingredients and a positive social impact on the local grower community mean that bakers and home chefs can feel satisfied with their origins and their food production. Award winning will be a way for Heilala to raise awareness of their truly sustainable vanilla and improve even more of the bakery cabinets and support your local farmers shirt!

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