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Surrounded By Balls Mom Of Boys Ladies Tee

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Surrounded By Balls Mom Of Boys Shirt! Don’t confuse yourself in that tough sheath, you’re not really right, are you? Not good, just say it’s not good, why do you show yourself to be strong? If you want to cry, just cry for the rest, why are you always smiling like that? Don’t want to let those who have hurt me feel weak? But there is someone in life who has no weakness, just do what you want to not worry about what people think, because: “My life, don’t put on someone else’s mouth”.

People always think you are strong because you never see you sad, but nobody knows behind them how many times you cry alone in the rain. You are always like that, always like living alone, you like to run your car alone on a long road to think about everything, Surrounded By Balls Mom Of Boys Shirt! you like to release your soul into the sky … like sad alone, like crying alone and do not want to share with anyone.

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