Tennessee Volunteers all-time greats signatures shirt

My parents took a trip for almost a week. They left my sister and brother and me at home. I am 15, my sister is 13 and my brother is 2. Everything was fine while they were gone. But, oh boy did the start of the terrible twos happen. On the last day, my parents were coming home, my sister and I just did our chores, and then decided to hang out in the room. (Just to keep the house from not getting messy) We were not paying attention and my little brother got into white paint. I heard her yell my name and I ran out of the room. My brother got white paint all over my mom’s new and expensive treadmill. I was like ¨Oh my god what do we do!!!¨ ¨Mom and dad will be here¨ There was a puddle of white paint in the cupholder. Paint on the handle bars. And paint on the belt part of the treadmill. I looked at the paint and it was acrylic. I took A LOT of napkins and tried to get them to absorb the paint. And it kept smearing. It then dried.

Tennessee Volunteers all-time greats signatures shirt

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I then came up with a brilliant idea to look for black acrylic paint. I took the bottle of black paint and paintbrushes and started painting the treadmill!!! hahaha. I even had to turn on the treadmill just a little bit to cover up the paint on the belt part. Once it dried you couldn’t tell it was painted because it matched the color of the treadmill. But…. we had to make sure it wouldn’t come off if it got wet. My family uses disinfecting wipes a lot. So that was the first step. I wiped everything and nothing came off. Then I tried water. Still, nothing came off. Phew!! we were saved. My parents came home and we acted fine. To this day, they still have no idea. There are little white marks but nothing big. Hahaha lesson of the day…

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