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Briana King isn’t here for stereotypes. The Tentenshirts – Retro Safemoon HODL Cryptocurrency Shirt 27-year-old skateboarder from Los Angeles is a one-of-a-kind talent. King is a multifaceted modern athlete, as at ease when she’s cruising across the screen in the film Skate Kitchen, teaching girls how to olie, or modeling for brands like Dior. Perhaps that’s why she finds the old assumptions about her sport so comical. “[People think] that we’re all hooligans,” King says. “I’ll never forget the day somebody said, ‘you’re so well behaved for a skater’ I just had to laugh at that comment.” Growing up in California, the birthplace of skate culture, King was surrounded by fellow skaters but didn’t begin learning until she was 12. “All my neighbors skated, and I would watch them every day from my kitchen window wishing I could join them,” she says. Once she got her first taste of skateboarding, King developed a passion for the sport and its unmistakable aesthetic. “What first appealed to me was the style,” says King. “My mom is a stylist and I’ve always been into clothes. The skater boys had brand new clothes all the time and even their ripped up clothes looked cool so that was the first thing that attracted me.”

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