That’s what she said shirt

She pushed through her weaknesses and became the That’s what she said shirt needed to live her life and leave an amazing legacy for her family. It’s simplescientifically proven nutrition, amazing streaming workouts and the support of some amazing women all on the same journey. I am living breathing proof that it just takes heart and desire; consistency and persistence.
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Now that the That’s what she said shirt is getting better, there’s nothing I wanna do more than get outside and if I can get a good sweat while getting some sun I’m a happy camper. Get out there and LIVE guys, these kind of moments are magic and we all deserve them. Ainsley wanted an Elsa braid and I have no freakin idea how to do it. It took 2 bouncers and some nice young men to get me up there but I did it and it’s a moment that will go down in history. What a cool dude who took the time to make our night so freakin awesome. I am gonna be so sore this week lol but it was so worth it.

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