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Id rather have the odd bit of sugar than sweeteners itis so hard to The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie Hoodie buy anything like squash without sweeteners. In it sugar is sweet but tax not so there must be compromises in between both. The sugar may have gone down but try buying drinks with no artificial sweetener in do we really. Want these chemicals rather than an actual food the coke is taste itself no sweeteners no less sugar i am. And stop blaming the manufacturer just stop buying pre cooked foods and make your meals yourself did anyone think. The sugar industry was just going to roll over and say lets stop making money if the. Sugar has gone down then why am i still paying more might be down by but theres.

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Still teaspoons of sugar in ml of coke far too much reduced natural sugar increased the use of chemical substitutes. That are cheaper for them but havent reduced the price just the quality if they have reduce the sugar. Content why are they still charging more mcdonalds charge more for the sugar free drinks we have. Natural sugar here maybe they should come and pack some g in my pepsi last night no wonder people are. Porky whom regularly consume why is it the public are charged sugar tax it should be the supplier. Thats charged but the government dont have the guts to take on the food industry as is drugs you go. For the dealer not the user drop the processed foods your body will thank you my worry is The Birds Work For The Bourgeoisie Hoodie. That they reduce sugar and replace it with sweeteners sweeteners are poison in my opinion.

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