The Grinch Stole Christmas Santa Claus Sweater

The Grinch Stole Christmas Santa Claus Sweater! Do you still want to die? Of course! — I’m honest — I never gave up on that! You really are out of medicine! But I still have to tell you one more thing. What? Say it! — I urged, and somehow I wanted to hear him say that. In life, there are many people for one reason or another they struggle to live. and always yearn to live.

So why, because of things you could get through, did you give up so easily? Especially when you were young. I was startled and turned to look at him. Suddenly, my tears fell, not because of what I had just gone through, but because of the stupid thing, The Grinch Stole Christmas Santa Claus Sweater! I was going to do it. Luckily, he pulled my hand back. If not for this hour, I would be in another world, and sit regretfully.

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