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There are a few better signatories about people who move fast and break the mind of a company than a CEO and executive team who dress the way they want, wherever they want! and The Shirt Young Comfortable And Dynamic. Think of Mark Zuckerberg in a t-shirt and jeans combo, a billionaire in his 30s – he doesn’t care what a 60-year-old CEO thinks about him not wearing a tie. Except, Victoria Hitchcock’s lifesaver Victoria Hitchcock Style, is increasingly doing that. Hitchcock has witnessed the decades-old experience of dressing business executives from a wide range of industries, focusing on the technology and fast-paced culture of California’s Silicon Valley. The world’s most powerful (and easily recognizable) trends in business personality are changing. As technology becomes more serious and men (and some women) who once run smug startups are gaining strength and responsibility, companies like Uber, Google, Facebook, and Apple – all hiring customers on Hitchcock books – are beginning to see the importance of dressing appropriately for any occasion. And, Hitchcock said, it was time.

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GQ talked to the world’s most exclusive stylist about power outfits, Valley gender balance, and why Steve Jobs always wears the same clothes. Victoria Hitchcock! and The Shirt Young Comfortable And Dynamic: I did. I work in the field of technology, for consultancy and business development. And at the end of my technology career, I was responsible for working and protecting offices in the Midwest, East Coast, and here in the Gulf. And where did the design come from? I mean, do you just look around yourself one day in the office and think: all these men are so badly dressed? From a young age, I came into contact with European style. I have a father and four brothers born in Spain, and so I have the opportunity to travel to Europe quite a lot and use them as my first introduction to the style of men. They have a very different European view from a young age. And so, I went into mixing colors and patterns naturally from an early age, went to museums in Europe, and appreciated the pastels and paints and what got you there. I’ve always been fascinated by that and it turns out I have this color eye and can recognize it pretty well.

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It is a bit annoying to care as much as I do about the form, message, and respect that comes from dressing appropriately for different environments! and The Shirt Young Comfortable And Dynamic. I have never been in a normal environment like [Silicon Valley], where people really make an effort to become the type of anti-compliance person. So I thought about it. And I spent a lot of time around my colleagues, appreciating what they did and how they were the leaders in their area and wondering what was behind this whole revolution. , is kind of outlaw and really tries to be despised. From there, I began to try to study and understand psychology, and gradually I began to give suggestions whenever I could and watched as it evolved – when people were wearing shirts or hats or decided to cut hair. I started with young people who are innovators, twenty years ago and because I have a relationship with them, both work and personal, I advised them as they develop their business, their concepts. , and growing and maturing life. [I] help them grow their style and image.

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I have clients from the mid-twenties to the early sixties. Young people are looking for their style and often want to spend less money, just to be able to feel they look more professional because they often meet older people, and less tradition! and The Shirt Young Comfortable And Dynamic. They just want to feel comfortable in their meetings and be taken seriously. But what they don’t want to do is try to imitate the 45 or 50-year-olds they expect to see on the other side. They want their images to be cool and different. Then, in another aspect, I have the exact same demographics of how to call and speak from 40 to 60 years old, listen, I am traditional. I am from a leading London or Wall Street bank, or, or, I work in the financial sector and have moved to a venture capital firm. Everyone I see is coming to me with a completely different face. What is the best way to reach? I’m 40, 50, 60 – I don’t wear sweaters or high tops. But how can I go to the conference room or coffee shop or do Skype and feel like we can believe it? Then you’ve got people reinventing themselves because they’re moving up the executive ladder, in a technology or business environment. A person who has been recognized and has a higher executive

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