The Wizard Of Oz Friends Signature Shirt

The Wizard Of Oz Friends Signature Shirt! Every time he went to break wood, he and he kept saying that familiar phrase: The branch I just threw down can you pick Yes, sir ..Just like that. He kept thrusting any branch down, he asked it again, and it answered him like that. Then the two brothers again carried large and heavy logs of firewood to share with him, each time he gave it more. He said: Take it home and cook, my family makes tofu and cook more than yours. Every time he walked, he did not have to do much, he climbed up and broke down the wood.

It just picks up the bag. But when he returned it was still divided by much. It misses so much. His hand when black, blackout, the smell and the color of the bark clinging to it. The Wizard Of Oz Friends Signature Shirt! He often smiled and held out his hand to say to him: Clown! Your hands are more beautiful than yours And so on. Nor did he know that he and he got along well like that. There were many times the ladies in the village would see him or it alone and ask:

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